About Us Jefferson County Historical Society

Founded in 1850, JCHS was the first county historical society established in the state of Indiana.

Who We Are

The Jefferson County Historical Society is a privately-supported, non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. The mission of the society is to educate the public about Jefferson County History through​ educational programs and displays, through the acquisition and preservation of historic materials, and through the provision of research opportunities for people interested in local history and family research.

The society maintains the History Center campus, featuring the main building with our offices as well as the history museum, a children’s room, and the library/archives; the historic 1895 railroad station, with its unique display of railroad memorabilia; and an authentically restored 1918 caboose.

Our Board of Directors
Diane Munier, President
Marilyn King, Secretary
Jan Vetrhus, Treasurer
Ray Livers
Sarah Prasil
Frank Taff
Terri Suiter
Our Staff
John Nyberg, Executive Director
JoAnne Spiller, Director of Education
Phyllis Codling McLaughlin, Historian/Genealogist
Carol Colello, Archivist

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